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The Student Writers

The initiative resulted in an impressive body of student research and information, over 10,000 hours of student work captured in powerpoints, blogs, tweets, and break-out group documents.  Student writers, representing the five regions in which the project took place, dedicated a weekend to crafting all this information into a concise, thoughtful, and constructive white paper.

Delanie Austin, Quinte Secondary

Kayla Greeman, Manitoulin Secondary

Lilian Barraclough, Riverdale Collegiate

Madeleine Leach Jarrett, Lo-Ellen Park Secondary

Isabel Berardi, St. Ignatius High

Gabriella Ruck, Notre Dame Catholic High

Jana Abu Deyah, Saunders Secondary

Priya Shrestha, Catholic Central High School

Brooklyn Gifkins, Madonna Catholic Secondary

Rhys Wawia, St. Ignatius High

In addition two students worked virtually to support the ten who met in Toronto:

Nicole Brioso, Madonna Catholic Secondary

Jude Szabo, Prince Edward Collegiate