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The CCWIL Inquiry

GreenLearning has developed a unique inquiry model to support Climate Change Where I Live and our other programs.   To develop this, we consulted with teachers and pulled the best from the inquiry methods developed by several provincial departments of education. More importantly, we worked with teachers to test this in the classroom and in an iterative, evaluative process with teachers, continue to improve the model.

The GreenLearning inquiry model is designed for the spectrum of student abilities and teacher approaches, from inquiry that is very much student directed to inquiry that is much more teacher led.

We hope you will use these inquiries and welcome your comments and feedback so that we can continually improve these for teacher use.

The Spiral Inquiry Method

Climate Inquiry and Dialogue - Student Instructions

Climate Inquiry and Dialogue - Teacher Information

The full MoECC Inquiry - pdf - doc

Maple Syrup Production Inquiry

Muncipality Inquiry

Recreation Inquiry

Watershed Inquiry

Extreme Weather Inquiry