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With Climate Change Where I Live (CCWIL), students conduct inquiries into climate change in their community or watershed — explore the mitigation and adaptation measures required to address the impacts — and take action…

    • CCWIL is a comprehensive Student Inquiry.
    • CCWIL is tailored to core high school curricula in Science, Geography / Social Studies, World Studies, Environmental Resource Management, Religious Studies and others.
    • GreenLearning provides all that students need to successfully complete their inquiry — a wealth of local and other resource materials and access to experts and community partners
    • CCWIL fosters informed and positive student action…
      • from leading a student virtual town hall with the Government of Ontario
      • to tracking their personal actions to reduce their carbon footprint in our Take Action App
    •  “A truly stimulating educational opportunity.” World Studies Teacher, Toronto.
      “Investigating issues around climate change locally and in a guided format is a very important learning opportunity for students.” Science Teacher, Bancroft.
    • CCWIL develops a deeper understanding of the issues and solutions — the best of 21st century education.

National Youth Climate Engagement Project

Engage your students in a national dialogue on climate solutions!

GreenLearning is looking for twenty-five high school classes from across Canada to participate in a national youth inquiry and dialogue on climate solutions. This innovative program builds on the success of our Ontario Student Dialogue and will give youth a voice in creating a low-carbon and prosperous Canada. Save your spot for this exciting initiative!

Students will conduct inquiries into climate change in their communities, supported by GreenLearning resources and experts. It will engage them in authentic learning and inquiry, starting in their communities. They then meet in regional virtual seminars, collaborating with other students to synthesize their findings. In a virtual town hall, students will present their findings to government leaders.

This initiative will start second semester. It is well suited to science, geography, world issues, religious studies, environmental resource management, and more. GreenLearning will provide professional development, resources for students to conduct their inquiry, and free access to tech support for all virtual events.

Register for more information Here.